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Dear Ronnie, 
Thank you so much for your sponsorship at our inaugural Georgia/North Florida USA Ambassador Pageant.  It was because of you that our event was a great success.  We are very much looking forward to working with you in the very near future with ample notice of course 😊. 
Dedra Curtis
Thank you again and we look forward to working you at our Holly Jolly Winter Pageant!

Hi Ronnie and Eric,
 It was a real treat. The warm and friendly atmosphere was almost outdone by Eric's rendition of our song. He really put It over strongly and beautifully and I thank each of you for your effort. The cd design is great and we almost wore out the record
on our way home.
I look forward to hearing from you and going forward.
       With my thanks and good wishes,  

My Experience at

Virtual Adrenaline Studio in 2013

Singing comes within your sole, and to create a song comes with having a great song with the right melody that blends together with the right sound that creates a meaningful vibe for the vocalist singing the song.  All of the above can only be achieved with a GREAT engineer and a great recording studio to create a finish product.  As a singer and songwriter I had all of these during my recording session at Virtual Adrenaline.   Mr. Ronnie made me feel very comfortable, he assisted me with positive critism that made my session a great experience.   He was very helpful and I will be returning for my future recordings.

Deborah Ware/Singer, songwriter

​​I had so much fun at Virtual Adrenaline’s recording studio with Ronnie. It was my first time recording and it was lots of fun. Ronnie is so funny and great to work with. When I first got there I was really excited then I got a little nervous. After about two songs I felt more confident in doing it and wasn’t as nervous.  Ronnie’s rubber chicken toy made me crack up at the beginning of one of my songs. But all of it was so fun!  I didn’t even know I would get far enough into the process of recording that I would have a CD by the end of the day. Having it be my first CD, I was very excited to see it being made.  Me and my mom listened to my CD all the way home and found out something we didn’t know Ronnie had done… Well, on one of my songs, Ronnie wanted me to see how the volume sounded and I thought it sounded fine so I kept singing through the whole song and at the end I said, “That was recording, right?” And so apparently he left that on the song… It really gave us a laugh and we thought that it was a good idea because it was really funny. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to work with him again.

 Jennafer Kirby (age 11)

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    Just wanted to thank you for the time and energy you spent critiquing my songs this past Sunday at Virtual Adrenalin.   I don’t think I could have asked for a better one on one lesson in improving my efforts to create marketable songs.  I’ve been working on your suggestions and look forward to showing you the results.

Thanks again, Chuck Boone

Unlike no other. Fun learning environment with many opportunities and outlets. We have been a part of the VAP team for two years and would like to thank Ronnie and his team for helping us.
Patrick & Arrisa Walker

VAP is one the best recording studios I have worked with. Whenever I recorded songs I was always pleased with the final product and overall sound, and also while I worked with the studio I received of helpful and positive critic on my original music. The kindness and care that was shown to me made me never want to leave. Nothing is more important to me than the people I work with, and VAP has great people. It is worth trying if you are looking for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I loved every moment of being in that studio, and I wish I was still there, but doors have opened up for me elsewhere. I can't articulate just how great this studio is. It's fantastic. Oh! And the wide range of music that they do is incredible. They work with any and all genres of music and support your style, even if they don't particularly like the genre; I know they did with me. VAP is THE place to be if you want to get your music recorded.
Melody McPherson

My studio experience with the VAP team was all that I expected and more. I expected professionalism and I got it, but what I didn't expect was their ability to understand my talent and build a new sound from it while still staying true to my style. They're great people who look out for your best interests and in these days you can't find much of that at all. They make a comfortable environment for the whole creative process to be fun, like it should. Ronnie and the rest of the Virtual Adrenaline staff make a constant effort to make you feel relaxed, so you can focus on the music. They share a genuine concern for your success that is rare in today's industry.

Chris Munguia

Our twelve year old daughter just completed her first demo album at Virtual Adrenaline.  Although she was not sure what to expect, the experience was positive and successful!  She was able to give her input and there was a good balance between meeting her wishes and explaining why things needed to be done a certain way.  Not only did she complete a very nice album, it was a positive educational experience for her.  They also were able to provide additional instrumentation to help fill out the songs.  We would highly recommend this studio and it's employees.  We were very happy with the album and the customer service we were provided at Virtual Adrenaline.
 Thanks, Dana

Hi Ronnie,
I just wanted to thank you again for doing such a great job on Farrel's recording.  As I mentioned on the phone, the video is up now on her youtube channel.  I thought you might want to check out the end result.  I cannot tell you enough how much we appreciated your help.  Your studio is AWESOME and hopefully as soon as Farrel gets some of her originals together we can some more recording.  Also, Shaun the producer of "The Cave" project wants to do more duet videos with her so I am sure we will be back in your studio sometime very soon.
To view video click on the link below: http://www.youtube.com/farrelsmusic
Thanks again for everything.  Hope to see you soon!

Recording at VAP has been a purposeful experience.  It is "Family Friendly" which made me very comfortable in recording.  There is always great expectation in producing the best quality sound, product and services in recording.  Ronnie Winstead, the owner and production manager, coaches the artist as well as exudes patience which are attributes I believe keeps the artist relaxed and focused in and during the recording session.  And he has a willingness to work with the artist bottom line by offering affordable package deals.   I believe he cares about the achievement of the artist.  In my opinion, VAP provides a professional and "Family Friendly" recording environment that I believe makes the artist feel right at home.

Gloria Stanley

Hey this is Bri,
I just wanted to say thanks so much for all the help and for all the knowledge and advice you have given me and my mom know very little about the "music and entertainment world" and you have helped us do much with understanding it more. I am so very excited about working with you on my first original CD. I can't wait to see you next Monday.
Bri Mobley

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