We offer a Full Service for Audio & Video Productions

Call us today (404-558-6918) about shooting your next video in our studio. We have full Video & Audio production crews ready to help your dreams come to life. All of the production lights are already in place and ready to start shooing your project today. 

If you have your own crew call us to learn how we can help you begin today!

CYC ROOM -3 Environments - Video Services

Black Curtine -Visual & Sound Control

Green Screen (for special effects)

(including Green Screen Floor, not shown)

Infinity White Wall

Some of our Audio Services

  • Record your project
  • We mix it
  • We master it
  • We create your graphics for the CD, Front & Back Insert
  • We print it in low quantities 5 units & more
  • UPC (universal product code) used in all retail stores
  • Shrink-Wrap the CD's
  • Market your new CD to over 40 stores
  • Connect you to resources to perform
  • We have the staff and network of people to help you with all styles of music.
  • Contact us if you would like to join our team in providing music for our clients.


By Appointment Only

The video room is 25'-10" X 21', Complete with adjustable balanced lighting

Here are some screen shots of the Video Production Room. We have a matching floor for the Green Curtin also. Using this you can create special effects, just like what you see in the movies. Have your band playing in the middle of the ocean or at Carnegie Hall perhaps.

The Infinity White is great for floating your subject without any seams it fools your depth of field.

This room is also use for: Drums, Bands, Classes, Music Video & TV Productions. Call us today and see how we can help you with your project.

​Ceiling LIght Grid already in place.